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"Believe me, older players are the first to realize if a guy can play in the NHL or not," Blake said. "There are times we are going to try players, and they're not NHL players, and they're going to get a game or two because we're not deep enough yet. But when you actually bring in legitimate young players, the veterans are the first to see it. They know he's a real good player at 20, 21. And that gives them that extra excitement."

We're seven weeks into the 2021 NHL season, and less than six weeks away from the trade deadline. It's about that time that trends start to solidify. For this week's ESPN Power Rankings, we identified an encouraging or worrying trend for every team.Vancouver Canucks Custom Logo Face Coverings

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Houston Oilers Face Covering

"Sometimes when that stuff happens and there's no call, the players kind of settle it on the ice in their own way, and we felt that we pushed back and did what we could do and won the hockey game, and tried to let that particular player know that that was unnecessary," Cassidy said.Carolina Hurricanes Custom Logo Face Coverings

The Flyers were then chasing the game the rest of the final stanza. They pulled the goalie with four-plus minutes left but had no luck.

Really, anyone too married to old decisions has to go. If there’s any hesitation to get out of difficult contracts like that of Matt Duchene, Ryan Johansen, and so on, then that’s unacceptable.San Jose Sharks Custom Logo Face Coverings

Wednesday night will be a special game for Tinordi, who recorded his first career NHL goal against the Capitals last year. But Chara and the Capitals will hope to spoil it.

[Image: be209802cc7da7c5a491a5394cb8c8f645bfc8e3...50x250.jpg]

Raty's start to the season was somewhat underwhelming. He struggled to make an impact with Karpat U20 and there were some other players on the team who generated offense on a more consistent basis. Additionally, Raty was surprisingly left off the Finnish World Juniors roster. But since the turn of the year, he has looked more like his usual self in the Liiga, playing with and against older players in a competitive professional league.New York Islanders Custom Logo Face Coverings

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